Heating simulation can be used to verify the course of action in prototype development. Simulation analysis provides visualization for customers who are newly introducing high frequency induction hardening and induction heating.

What is Heating Simulation?

Heating simulation is carried out through FEM (Finite Element Method), utilizing 3D CAD data of the workpiece and coil.
The heating conditions and power of the workpiece are output as a time series, using inputs such as voltage and frequency.
Workpiece movement and rotation can also be taken into consideration.
High-frequency induction heating requires a mutual coupled analysis of heat, electricity, and electromagnetic fields. The applicable parameters of each field are based on our accumulated data.
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Practical Applications of Heating Simulation

  • Understanding internal and external heat distribution of workpiece
  • Verification of equipment configuration and coil shape
  • Discovering problems in prototype testing
  • Visualization of heat distribution in continuous feed heating of long workpieces, which is difficult to achieve in prototyping
  • Identification of differences in heating efficiency due to shared use of coils, and more

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