We have an assortment of equipment with which to handle any job: workpieces of complicated shape, short to long, small to large scale and diameter, and single to 100,000-piece volumes.



Please feel free to contact us via our homepage inquiry form, telephone, or fax.
Please include your company name, project manager name, contact information, and contract hardening details.
We will be in contact shortly.

Confirmation of Workpiece Drawings

Confirmation of the target workpiece drawings is necessary to determine whether contract hardening is possible.
We can provide a swifter response with the following information included in the drawings and request details.
  • Number of workpieces to be processed
  • Workpiece material
  • Workpiece size
  • Workpiece heating and hardening area, as well as size and shape of target area
  • Heating and hardening quality standards (e.g. surface hardness, effective case depth, hardening area).
  • Quality inspection details (e.g. measurement method, requirement of cutting inspection, measurement points, number of measurement points).
  • Transport (e.g. packing, terms of transport, charter service).
  • Delivery date


  • We will respond to your quotation request having considered our selection of processing equipment and whether new coil production would be necessary.
  • For requests involving complex workpiece shapes, stringent quality assurance standards, processing numbers of nearly 100,000 pieces, or those that require new coil production, please contact us as early as possible.

Processing and Quality Inspection Reports

  • After receipt of an order, processing is started.
  • Shipment is accompanied by a quality inspection report.


  • Delivery will be made in accordance with the shipping details agreed with the customer.

Fuji Electronics Industry's CFD Project

Since April 2010, the company has been working on high frequency induction hardening contract processing:
the CFD Project (The Cube Fast Flexible Fine Delivery Project).
We offer flexible, optimal service-oriented heat treatment contract hardening.

  • Prompt Response
    We respond to quotation, new project, and other inquiries on the same day.
  • Prompt Delivery
    For products that do not require cutting or coil production, delivery is guaranteed the next day or even same-day.
  • Peace of Mind
    Please contact us for processes other than high-frequency induction hardening:
    ・Shot Blasting
    ・Distortion Removal
    ・Painting, etc.