General Employer Action Plan

General Employer Action Plan based on the “Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace” and the “Act on Promotion of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children”

To improve the working life of our employees, to increase the number of employees who work longer with our company, and to support employees during pregnancy, child-rearing, and their return to the workplace, we have formed the following action plan.


April 1, 2022 ~ March 31, 2027


Goal 1Improve facilities to give more flexibility to employees raising children and/or taking care of the elderly.

April 2022 ~  Collect opinions and information from employees
October 2022 ~  Revise and enact new company policy


Goal 2The ratio of female chiefs and above should be 20% or more, which is almost the same as the ratio of men and women in the company.

April 2022 ~  Internal research
October 2022 ~  Investigation into holding internal lectures and attending external lectures according to position

Disclosure of information on women's activities

Percentage of female workers in managerial positions 15% (as of 2022.4)

Health Proclamation

Fuji Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. declares that it will implement the following efforts based on the "Health Declaration" of the Japan Health Insurance Association.

  1. Health Examination
    100% of employees shall receive yearly health examinations.
  2. Metabolic Syndrome Prevention
    Affected individuals shall receive special health guidance to work towards improvement.
  3. Re-Examination and Recommendation for Treatment to Required Individuals
    The above initiatives shall be implemented to prevent conditions from worsening.
  4. 1/4 Day Paid-Leave
    Paid-leave shall be available in units of 1/4 days to make hospital visits and treatment more accessible.
  5. Full Medical Examination
    All employees age 40 and older and employees age 35~39 who apply shall receive full medical examination, leading to early diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Partnership Building Declaration

Our company commits to the following activities in an effort to build a new partnership with the companies in our supply chain and advance our cooperation and mutual prosperity.

Mutual Prosperity Throughout the Entire Supply Chain and New Cooperation Surpassing Current Scopes and Chains

Working with our direct suppliers, we will appeal to suppliers further along the supply chain (from Tier N to Tier N+1) to increase the added value of the entire supply chain, thereby generating mutual prosperity with our direct suppliers. In conjunction, we will support and advise our suppliers in developing work-from-home capabilities and business continuity plans (BCP) in accordance with the work style reform movement.
・Development of new projects through open innovation.
・Business optimization through sharing and visualization of information throughout our supply chain.

Adherence to Standards of Promotion

We will adhere to the Standards of Promotion set by the Supplier and Medium-Small Size Company Promotion Law for proper business practices with startup companies and suppliers and actively work to correct practices that prevent the building of partnership with them. We will also heed the following items in order to engage in proper business practices with all companies regardless of strength or size.

  1. Price Determining
    We will not demand improper decreases in costs. When determining pricing, we will respond to requests for negotiation from our suppliers and negotiate pricing to reflect increased costs and ensure an appropriate profit for the supplier. All contracts including those made during such negotiations will be written and issued between the parties.
  2. Managing Costs of Molds
    We will promote the disposal of unnecessary jigs and coils, both considered as molds, and will not demand suppliers to stock and manage molds without compensation in accordance with the contracts between the companies.
  3. Payment Methods
    We will make payments to suppliers in cash whenever possible.
  4. Intellectual Property and Know-How
    We will not demand one-sided non-disclosure agreements or disclosure of know-how or intellectual property without compensation.
  5. Burdens of Work Style Reform
    We will not demand goods, services, or changes in specifications with short lead time that may cause inappropriate increase in costs and inhibit the supplier from engaging in work style reform. In the case of natural disasters, we will not place one-sided burden on our suppliers and will work with them to continue our business relations upon reopening.


We will request and negotiate reasonable costs based on data and market value.

July 2, 2020
Hiroko Watanabe, President
Fuji Electronics Industry Co., Ltd.