Fuji Electronics is entrusted with various prototypes and co-developed products daily

  • Trial heat treatment to solve problems with existing products
    Including cracking, warping, productivity issues
  • Newly developed product and prototype trial heat treatment and data collection
    Including heating simulation, heat treatment sample production, cutting inspection, structure analysis, residual stress measurement, material analysis, and more
  • Consider switching heat treatment methods
    Such as from carburization and flame hardening to high frequency or from furnace heating to high frequency induction heating

Fuji Electronics Industry Prototype, Co-Development Process

  • 01
    Confirmation of work piece shape, heating specifications
  • 02
    Consideration of heating method; Quotation
  • 03
    Heating simulation(Optional)
  • 04
    Heating coil design, production
  • 05
    Prototype trial
  • 06
    Heat treatment sample, trial data submission

*Nondisclosure agreements can be arranged, as necessary.

Fuji Electronics Prototype, Co-Development Merits

Choose the most suitable hardening machine from our wide range of processing units

Using the appropriate output, converter frequency, and hardening machine for the work piece shape is vital. With our 15 unique converters and 30 hardening machines, Fuji Electronics Industry can handle any work piece.

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Optimal Heat Treatment Proposal

The keys to high quality heat treatment are the heating coil and heating plan.
At Fuji Electronics, hardening machine design, coil design, and manufacturing all take place in one central location, facilitating rapid trial response.

Including heating simulation

Leveraging our decades of experience and state-of-the-art measurement equipment to provide the data you need.

Collecting highly accurate data is vital to prototyping and co-development. We work closely with customers to develop their products, drawing on our wealth of data from contract hardening and machine production.

The latest measuring instrument

Prototype → Mass Production → Equipment Manufacture

Coils and equipment specifications vary from maker to maker, making cross-maker trial production difficult.
At Fuji Electronics, development is smooth, whether it be from prototype to mass production processing; from prototype to equipment manufacturing; or from mass production processing to equipment manufacturing.