All information (name, address, contact, email) received from our customers are considered
personal information and closely monitored and managed.

  1. Use of Personal Information
    Personal information provided is used to provide services applied via and for identity confirmation.
  2. Type of Personal Information
    For personal information of the following types, we may request confirmation.
    • Career Options
    • Inquiries
    • Information Registration
    • Other (Surveys, etc.)
  3. Protection of Personal Information
    Personal information will not be shared with third parties (excluding cases required by law).
    The integrity of personal information will be protected and not be lost, damaged, or altered.
  4. Management of Personal Information
    To properly protect our customer's personal information, we implement the most up-to-date measures.
    ・Preventive measures against improper access
    Firewall settings and virus scan software are kept up-to-date for optimal protection.

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