Fundamental Principles

At Fuji Electronics Industry Co., Ltd., we manufacture induction hardening machines and provide contract hardening, using the most environmentally friendly heat treatment. We continue to develop and provide hardening technology that increases energy savings.
We recognize that even with these developments, our production places a burden on the environment. We hold environmental protection as our most important task, and while considering the purpose of the SDGs, we continue to contribute to regional and world preservation through our activities.

  • JQA-EM6328
  • JQA-QM5292

Environmental Policy

  1. We establish an environmental management system to promote environmental preservation.
  2. We recognize the environmental impact of our operations and continue to improve our environmental management system and enact measures to prevent environmental contamination.
  3. We abide by all laws, regulations, and otherwise agreed upon requirements concerning the environment.
  4. We consider resource, energy, and waste reduction a major focus among the environmental effects of our operations. We establish goals towards each and review them regularly.
  5. All our employees are conscious of the environment and receive environmental instruction so that they understand, recognize, and effectively apply our policy and environment management system.
  6. We put this policy into writing and release it to the public, requesting the understanding and cooperation of all companies with which we have business relations.
  7. Of the 17 SDGs, we especially recognize 7. Affordable and Clean Energy, 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, 12. Responsible Consumption and Production, and 13. Climate Action and establish and pursue concrete goals towards them annually.