Automobile Parts

For critical automobile parts, our high quality hardening machines can process over 10,000 pieces per month.


We harden crankshafts for ships, gears for trains, and other large parts.
Our technology has numerous merits for customers currently using furnace heating.


we harden gears up to 1.8m in diameter and 15M module, achieving adequate case depth at the tooth bottoms.
Our dip-spray quenching achieves even case depth without producing cracks or soft zones.


Our in-house hardening is perfect for customers starting a new project with uncertain production amounts.
In parallel, we work on machine design for customers planning to eventually shift production to their own plants.

Machine Tools

Our machines can process parts with large surface area requiring high power.
Using our high power converter with output of 1100kW, we can harden parts up to 15m x 3m x 2m and 40t.