for Smart Equipment Operation

Our high-frequency induction heating equipment is custom-made to meet your quality standards and required specifications.
All data is tailored to your company to minimize defects and quality degradation.
Accumulation and analysis of such data is an important asset to your company in smart operation of the equipment.

High Frequency Induction Heating System

Visualization of Equipment Operating Status

A dedicated Fuji Electronics dashboard allows you to check equipment operating status in real time by PC or smartphone.
The operating status of multiple machines can be centrally managed, whether they be domestic or abroad.

Periodic Equipment Diagnosis Report

Fuji Electronics delivers a monthly diagnostics report, analyzed by our specialists based on accumulated data.
We will inform you of any areas of concern that may lead to problems.

Remote Repair Support

In the event of unexpected failure, accumulated data and error history are remotely accessible, facilitating identification of repair points and expediting repair support. Our staff members, who are familiar with your unique equipment, will help to restore the equipment in the shortest possible time.

Preventative and Predictive Maintenance

Using accumulated data and analysis to improve the accuracy of detection signs, we predict and inform the customer when it is time to replace quenching water, components, coils, etc. in order to reduce equipment downtime.

Production Management Support

We hope to further improve your productivity and quality through traceability. This system can also be used to remotely set hardening conditions and change circuit monitors, allowing us to support production management and maintenance work.

How the System Works

Fuji Electronics has built a system in which actual value data (voltage, power, frequency, coil voltage, heating time, cooling time, quenchant flow rate, etc.) is automatically uploaded from the customer’s site to the cloud for analysis.
The customer is able to check information about their machine on a dedicated website.