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One-Shot Hardening of Both Ends with Semi-Open Coils for Reduced Cycle Time

Cycle time can be significantly shortened by switching from hardening one end at a time while rotating the workpiece to hardening both ends using one-shot hardening with a semi-open coil. Eliminate the need to rotate heavy idlers and rollers, lightening the load on workers.

One-Shot Hardening No Soft Zones

In traditional scan hardening, soft zones may appear between the starting and ending points of the rotation, which are prone to wear—a problem that one-shot hardening eliminates.

Heating and Dip-Spray Quenching for Even Casing

Idler rollers can be difficult for high frequency induction hardening to handle, but an even casing with no cracking can be ensured through a combination of pre-heating and main-heating and through dip-spray quenching for even cooling.

Slewing Bearings and Large Gears

Vast Reduction in Treatment Time, Power Cost Through 360°One-Shot Hardening

Compared to hardening one tooth at a time, hardening the entire outer or inner circumference in one shot reduces treatment time by approximately 80%, while cutting electricity use by 50~65%.

Dip-Spray Quenching for Warpage and Uneven Hardening Reduction

After heating the entire circumference at once, the workpiece is submerged in a quenching tank. Inside the tank, the entire workpiece is sprayed by quenching jackets. This cooling method forms a casing with minimal unevenness and warpage.

Compound Hardening Equipment for Large Ship Parts

Coil Movement for Compact Design

The matching unit moves with the coil while providing steady power, even with long strokes, allowing for installation of compact equipment without need of a pit.

Varying Large Parts Hardened by a Single Machine

We provide compound equipment that handles dip-spray quenching and vertical scan hardening, even for parts of widely varying shape, such as piston rods or exhaust valve seats.