Hardening Machine Lineup

Crankshaft Hardening Machine

Coil follows crankshaft pins as the part rotates during hardening to ensure quality and decrease cycle time.

  • High Production Model

    Rated Output Power 670kW
    Frequency 10-50kHz

    Fully automatic model designed to minimize retooling time for different parts and achieve high production quality with short cycle time.

  • Large Part Model

    Rated Output Power 670kW
    Frequency 10-80kHz

    Designed for treating parts up to length 2800mm and weight 250kg.
    Coil cost minimized by reusing coils on multiple hardening areas, optimal for small lots and prototype trials.

  • All-Purpose/Prototype Model

    Rated Output Power 670kW
    Frequency 10-80kHz

    By changing coils and setting jigs, this model can process all varieties of crankshafts including for automobiles, agriculture machinery, construction machinery, ships, and generators.

Camshaft Hardening Machine

  • Rated Output Power 450kW
    Frequency 10-30kHz

    Adaptable for camshafts of any size by inputting the part dimensions via touch panel.
    Suitable for quick prototype testing and development.

Driveshaft Hardening Machine

  • Driveshaft Hardening Machine
    Rated Output Power 670kW
    Frequency 10-80kHz

    Uses our original semi-open rubber coil, adjustable to match the part length, minimizing cost for additional coils and suitable for small lots and prototype testing.

Ball Joint・Tripod Joint Hardening Machine

  • Shaft Hardening

    Rated Output Power 500kW
    Frequency 10-70kHz

    Performs one-shot hardening with semi-open coil while rotating the part. Achieves even hardening while preventing overheating at the corners of non-linear shafts.

  • Ball Groove Hardening

    Rated Output Power 500kW
    Frequency 10-70kHz

    Uses a multi-turn coil to harden in a short time without causing warpage.
    Excellent coil life of over 200,000 shots.

  • Tripod Joint Hardening

    Rated Output Power 500kW
    Frequency 10-70kHz

    2-turn coil keeps the coil gap constant, and by initially preheating the part, the amount of heat generated is controlled, achieving even case depth.

Dip-Spray Hardening Machine

(Large/small gears, inner/outer race, cross roller bearing, etc.)

  • Max. Diameter 1800mm

    Output 1100kW/800kW
    Frequency 10-100kHz/10kHz以下
  • Max. Diameter 630mm

    Output 670kW
    Frequency 10-80kHz

This machine heats the full circumference of gears in one shot. The heated gear is then dipped in a quenching water tank and sprayed to achieve an even case depth along the teeth tops and bottoms.
This machine is also used for hardening and reheating of sheave grooves and flat surfaces.

Large Bed Hardening Machine

(Bed, column, large screws, etc.)

  • Up to 15m length, 40t weight

    Output 1100kW
    Frequency 10-100kHz

    Largest hardening machine for large parts in domestic industry.
    Installed with automatic tracking system to maintain gap between part and coil.

Horizontal Scan Hardening Machine

(Large ball screws, casing, grooved guide rails, etc.)

  • Up to 6m length, 200mm diameter

    Output 670kW
    Frequency 10-80kHz

    Achieves even case depth for screw grooves and controls warpage using support roller.

  • Up to 2m length

    Rated Output Power 670kW
    Frequency 10-80kHz

    Main hardening machine for grooved guide rails using originally designed coil.

  • Linear Guide Rail

    Rated Output Power 670kW
    Frequency 10-80kHz

    Our specialized original system is the only one in the domestic industry to achieve even hardening and low warpage.

Vertical Scan Hardening Machine

(Spindle, large/small shafts, etc.)

  • Up to 1.2m length

    Output 100kW
    Frequency 30kHz
  • Up to 0.6m length

    Rated Output Power 50kW
    Frequency 200kHz

Adaptable for large, small and complex shaped shafts.

One-Shot Hardening Machine

  • Intermittent Shaft

    Output 150kW
    Frequency 90kHz

    Machine consisting of two hardening stations with a single converter for simultaneous hardening of parts with different specifications.

  • Upper Shaft

    Rated Output Power 500kW
    Frequency 10-70kHz

    Designed to treat parts with multiple hardening areas in parallel hardening stations.

  • Input Shaft

    Rated Output Power 200kW
    Frequency 100kHz

    Consists of two hardening stations and one reheating station with automatic robotic transfer system.

Tempering Furnace

  • Max. length 7m

  • Max. length 3m

For tempering of lots of any size and parts of any shape.

Indexing Hardening Machine

(Stud, pin yoke, bush, etc.)

  • Indexing Hardening Machine
    Output 230-420kW
    Frequency 20-80kHz

    Heats up to 4 parts simultaneously.