Company History

1960 July Established as a manufacturer high frequency induction heater and the application machinery & device and job induction hardening. Equity Yen 1,500,000.-
1961 July Increased equity Yen3,000,000.-
1961 Oct. Increased equity Yen7,000,000.-
1966 Feb. Starts to development of thyristor inverter
1967 July. Increased equity Yen10,000,000.-
1968 July. Increased equity Yen15,000,000.-
1969 Feb. Main office bldg.
1969 Aug. Increased equity Yen30,000,000.-
1970 Dec. Developed Fine bright hardening method
1971 Apr. Developed FM type thyristorized Inverter
1972 Oct. Developed ion nitriding equipment
1973 July. Technical license agreement with AEG ELOTHERM, Germany concluded.
1975 July. Increased the equity Yen50,000,000.-
1977 Apr. Developed line coil.
1977 May. Nagoya branch open.
1978 Mar. Tokyo branch open.
1978 Mar. Fine hardening shop, large parts hardening shop open.
1983 June ELOWIG (Cam surface remelt-hardening) sales starts.
1988 Oct. F.S.S.(Fuji Satellite System) installed at fine hardening shop.
1995 Mar. Built up new main work-shop & head office.
1997 May Increased the equity Yen80,000,000.-
1997 Sep. Website open.
1997 Oct. IGBT medium frequency converter sales starts.
2000 Sep. ISO9001/9002 certified by JQA
2000 Dec. MOSFET high Frequency converter sales starts.
2001 Jan. Remote maintenance technology developed.
2001 Mar. Developed camshaft eccentric motion machine.
2002 Jan. Concluded agreement “Development low distortion crankshaft hardening method” with Toyota Motors.
2003 June High precision R hardening crankshaft technology developed.
2003 Aug. Trend detection system developed.
2004 Aug. Automatic universal crankshaft hardening machine developed.
2005 Mar. Thinnest disc transformer developed. (Width 30mm.)
2006 Apr. We are proud of the award selected by METI “300 of Japan’s Exciting Monozukuri (Manufacturing) SMES ”
2007 Dec. Retrofitting induction hardening machine for parts of heavy construction machine
2008 May Construction of new technical laboratory
2009 Mar. ISO14001 certified by JQA(JQA-EM6328)
2010 Feb. Opened new job hardening plant
2011 Apr. Established Fuji (Foshan) Electronics Co., Ltd. wholly-owned subsidiary in Guangzhou, China.
2012 Sep. Commenced development of high frequency,low power inverter (FIT)
2013 Jan. Registered in Osaka "Companies for Gender Equality"
2014 Mar. Selected by METI "Global Niche Top 100 Companies"