President’s Greeting

At Fuji Denshi, we have produced IH heat treatment machines and technologies since our founding over 50 years ago. In developing our technologies, we have continued to try new ideas while recognizing the value of traditional methods.

We have always strived to produce technology that makes sense while being original and creative, and through this stance we have come to be known as a truly unique company in the industry.
In the past 10 years, we have strategically combined our engineering and sales operations to provide products that not only meet our customer’s needs, but also support their competitiveness in the next generation.

Now with IoT technology tools arising from the 4th industrial revolution, we aim to provide reliable technology such as preventive maintenance that will convince our customers to return to us with their future heat treatment needs.
To that end, we also make great efforts to recognize the value of diversity by educating the next generation of personnel and create a firm base by establishing cooperative relationships with companies worldwide.
We ask for your continued patronage as we make all efforts to provide solutions to your requests.