Heating power supply

Large Model

Large Model
  • Conversion efficiency 95~97% top in industry.
  • One converter can be used in combination with multiple hardening units requiring different frequencies for compact design.
  • Frequency selection available.
  • High precision monitoring and control by high-speeding data processing.
  • Parallel resonance circuit adjusts to load changes caused by processing different parts.

Compact Model FIT

Compact Model FIT
  • For low-power hardening, welding, shrink fitting, and annealing.
  • Lower cost than large transistorized converters.
  • Over 55% reduction in energy consumption and 75% reduction in running cost compared to vacuum tube converters,
  • Compact design for space saving.


  • Requires only one incoming panel.
  • Multiple independent converter units in one frame, allowing for simultaneous heating with different power and frequency.
  • Less space required compared to separate converters.
  • Simple piping and wiring layout for reduced cost and easier maintenance.